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I'll be discussing things like interesting mechanics, games I like, games I don't like, the reasons why, story beats, character development and other miscellaneous mental detritus.

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The Fallen Tower Level Concept

I always love the idea of traversing some architecture that used to be a functional place but has now fallen to major disrepair, but most of the time the designers seem to make the level first and then make the art look like a crumbling citadel or what-have-you. Working from the other direction is always something I love and usually turns out pretty well, as in designing a place, destroying it and then seeing what avenues for ADVENTURE are there naturally (or unnaturally as the case may be).

I just finished Bioshock: Infinite

In which I discuss the aforementioned FPS and its systems

After Lone Hoarder: A Post Mortem

In which I discuss the development of Lone Hoarder

Urban elementalists

In which I show some character concepts

New in Town

In which I show a storyboard for a stroy arc intro

I like landscapes too

In which I show Sandcastle City

Hello World

In which I say hello and explain some things