Hello World

Aside from being unable to resist making a programming joke, this first post is going to be about information pertaining to the site, updates and the kinda things I want to talk about in the blog.

First off, there is no update schedule. There will be frequent blog posts, and I have a number of 'discussion' topics planned, but they'll come out when they are ready. The Doodle part of the DoodleBlog should be more frequent than that, too.

Second, there are some 'series' I'd like to do, the main one being breakdowns of games I love, where I talk about why I love them what makes them great.

Third, as far as Game prototypes go, I'll probably start to learn a programming language like XNA, as I have been skirting the edges of what I can do (easily) with Game Maker in terms of more advanced design.

With that in mind, I think I'll make a top down, 2D Legend of Zelda or Binding of Isaac style 'engine' that I can use to prototype some of the more item, combat and dungeon crawling style game concepts (see the QuickLook for Lost in the Lab).   

So it'll be a few months before I have anything new in the game prototypes section.

But apart from all that, I'm pleased to offer you, the reader, a large section of my works. Do enjoy,  


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